Saturday, March 17, 2007

One year at Jokaland

The terms are done, exams taken & projects submitted. No matter how far it looked when I started, the end of the first year at IIM Calcutta came a little too soon. The year was more or less kind to me. Along with the usual stuff, I did many unusual things too. The campus band, JBS Baro-C, composed a song about the early days of students in IIMC ( ). Song contains swearing/explicit lyrics! I made a video on the song along with some friends. Here it is -

The response to the video has been very encouraging. In the first 4 days at youtube, it gathered around 1200 hits! This encouragement has motivated us to make more videos under the banner of "Between the Lines" production.

However, the movie-making would have to wait, for the summers are here and all of us are to leave and join our respective organizations for the summer internships. I'm leaving for London on 9th April and would be back on 2nd June, good one week before the next term start.

One regret after the first year - I virtually abandoned this blog and my photography. Since this was something I really enjoyed, I'll try my best to revive my interests and devote more time to them.

That we'll see, for the time being, please check out the video and some feedback, may be?


Jeet said...

mujhe to credits best lage :-)

Kislay said...

quiet nice! :)

DK said...

I liked your video a lot Varun but honestly speaking it would have been better without the explicit lyrics.However it did show your creativity.

Varun Singh said...

@Jeet: Agle baar bas credits hi rakhenge :-P

@Kislay: thanks :)

@DK: Thanks :).. the song was composed by the campus band and it has gained quite some popularity on the campus.. So some emotional angle :) Sorry if it offended you.

raven said...

@ varun.. thnks for the link. have had the video for a long time now... alumni networks work really fast... specially for the recent batches.

would be great if you could provide me an mp3 for this song. you can take my mail id from taran or faiz