Monday, February 21, 2005

Amo a doctores!

I love doctors and there are no two ways about it! Medicine is perhaps the most polished profession around. Doctors are essentially of a mature age and well read too, after spending a major portion of their lives among books (and stiffs!). Like us engineers, their PR skills are not limited to just interviews. More often than not you'll find doctors more eloquent and affable than software engineers.

My liking for them has developed over the years. The earliest recollection of an encounter with a doctor would have me as a toddler (pre-school kid, Oh those sunny days!). I was a small kid with a shaky tooth, he was a dentist with big clamps, still he didn't infuse fear in me. Au contraire, we were chatting happily until he plucked it out in a smooth swift motion. Ice-creams did finally make up for the pain (and for the uneasy gap in my dentition!). Next, in Anoopgarh, we had one doctor uncle in our social circle who always used to scare us with tonsillitis! We kids aptly named him Tonsil Uncle! Barring rare shots, he was again a gentleman, very nice to us kids. In Bikaner, we had Dr.Chahar (Chahar Uncle). (Un)Fortunately I didn't have much business with him. In Bharathpur, I was prescribed some blue pills by Dr. Digamber Singh (the present Health Minister of Rajasthan) to fix the problem of irregular metabolism timings (used to wet my bed once a month or so :( )! He was again good uncle, their family is still very close to ours.

So all in all, doctors are humble people. There can be various reasons, but one I find very reasonable is because they are allowed to practice ONLY after entering their 30's and by then age has taken a toll on the mischievous kid in them. Just imagine, how it would feel to study and study and study, first to enter college for MBBS, then for MD + specialization! We engineers are blessed people, just clear JEE once, then even if you don't study much for the next four years, you are bound to end up with a decent paying job.

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Vivek Kumar said...

I remember Dr. Digambar Uncle too :) He is the one who stitched my chin when I slipped on a Soap :)