Thursday, February 03, 2005

Last day at Oracle...

Today was my last day at Oracle, resigned on 12th Jan. My manager, Guido, was generous enough to let me go and waived 10 days of my notice period. So, today I bade farewell to all the colleagues at Oracle. Though it wasn't as dramatic as last dance with Mary Jane, it evoked some memories and thoughts.

I got the offer from Oracle when I was really pressed against the wall. The last semester at IIT was over and I was working on my (extended) B.Tech. project (Oh! those gloomy days and Oh! Dr. Chandran!). With no progress in project and no jobs in hands (to make it worse, I was besotted in love too!), life was full of gloom. Then Oracle HR punter (Vishnu?) contacted me, I had 3-4 rounds of telephonic interviews. Interviews were really easy, they never got into those gross technical details, which are useful only to mean interviewers and which must be known to all "good" candidates. And one fine morning, I came to NSL, checked my mail only to find the offer from Oracle! I remember, I went directly to Canara Bank to draw money for night's treat (that was the night when Jha got totally smashed!). I was also being interviewed by MicroSoft those days, but after receiving the offer from Oracle (that too from Oracle Bangalore!), I closed all other windows of opportunities rather abruptly. I was told very clearly during interviews that it will be a "testing" job, but at that time other than some general negative comments, I didn't get to learn much about this "testing" stuff. So shrugged it off and went on to join Oracle.

First shock of my professional life jolted me when I saw the first salary. The difference between the "CTC" and "inhand" salary was staggering! Later I learnt about the components in the offer, which are meant to only increase the weight of offer :-). What I thought of as Rs.1000 per day, was about Rs.1000 per working day! Who needs two days' weekend now, haaa?

At the very begining, I couldn't make head or tail of what I was supposed to do. But slowly and steadily I developed an understanding and a strong dislike for the work! There was really not much scope for applying the mind. There were some bright streaks, but for most part of it, I was disappointed with the work. But the people and culture were really nice! I made some very good friends at Oracle. Their HR policies and general benefits were also good. I really learnt a lot, if not about technologies, about the way things work in the industry. About shaping career, about interviews and selection procedures, about managing people from good/bad managers, about conf-calls and skipping them :).

I feel kind of melancholic thinking about last 1.5 years and future. I will surely miss Oracle and its people. I will miss the extended coffee breaks, evening snacks at OTP terrace watching sun set, literally fleecing visiting managers from HQ with lunches, arguments in pantry with Sumanth Prasad about anything and everything, team meeting, cracking PJs with Amar, Pizzas with Stuti during conf-calls, discussing managers with Poxy,... list just goes on!

Anyway, I'm joining Everypath on monday. So have 4 full days to do NOTHING! And thats what I plan to do :). Recently bought an easy chair, will lie on that all day and read! I'll read the history books I bought, or probably the Manorama yearbook. Duh, I know I'm not gonna do that!

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Hi i am not passing any judjment but u took a good decision.