Monday, July 11, 2005

From airport!

Unlike most people, I don't really hate airports. Once I spent 8 hours at Delhi airport, waiting for my flight (I read the ticket wrong) and wasn't really bugged there. I say, what is there to hate anyway? You get to see good looking people, you can eat upto your heart's content and you can read. The very fact that there are so limited choices for things to do, makes life amazingly simple. Wouldn't it be simple if there were limited choices in life too; no need to make difficult decisions & living with them. Escapism at the best!

I am again at the airport. From the limited choices (sit dumbly before mute television, read "21 dog years", watch the chick-parade & surf on the internet), well, now it's obvious what I chose. The SpiceJet flight, which will fly me to Delhi, is scheduled to leave at 11:45. My affection for airports and squealing stomach due to hunger, got me early to the airport.

Anyway, this is to inform the regulars that the whereabouts of Mr.Rakesh Sharma were made available to me, thanks to an anonymous comment on this post. Mr.Sharma is right now working with Automated Workflow in the capacity of COO.


Pankaj Jain said...

We didn't have to wait long for you ;). Get back soon. Give my to love Lalji Sand ka rasta. :X

TheDQ said...

I too, love airports.

Last year i was to change planes in Paris in transit to mumbai. The flight was overbooked by 40 people, so they bumped me off the flight.

I stood for 2 (hungry) hours to get a flight out of paris, and just when i was beginning to enjoy the mess i was in, i suddenly fainted. The airport ambulance was called and they popped in a tablet and told me to "Leave!".
Since i was barely counscious, i meandered around the airport till i got to the counter where they issued me a hotel night stay pass. I left for india the next day.
Now I love paris and I love airports too.

Pankaj Jain said...

People remember the astronaut. The most famous of all, Men in blue, are going to listen to him.