Monday, October 17, 2005

Lies, damned lies and fake blogs

If you are following the latest controversy that has hit the Indian blogsphere, "Lies, damned lies and fake blogs" would be a familiar phrase to you. If you don't know what I am talking about, please check this & this, Amit Varma & Desi Pundit are following the events closely. I just wanted to make it clear that my blog (Lies, damned lies and blogs) is not involved, as of yet. When I named this blog, I was as clueless as any parents would be to name their newborn. I took the inspiration from the cliche - Lies, damned lies and statistics. The name isn't particularly relevant to the blog - I don't post truck loads of just lies - but I still like it. It sounds sophisticated, without giving any hint about the content at the blog :).

As for the controversy, I haven't yet made up my mind. I have been watching it from the fence though. From the outside, it looks as if the institute is flexing muscles to swat the small publication and the sympathetic bloggers. The ugly turns could have been avoided though and the institute & the students seem to be the culprits here. If they felt their reputation was defamed by the deeds of the magazine, they should have taken the matter to the court and produce the proofs the refute all the claims made by the magazine. Abusing the editor and coercing an MNC to take action against their employee, the blogger, is petty and downright condemnable.


thedq said...

"and coercing an MNC to take action against their employee, "
This is an incorrect statement Varun. GS claims that he resigned on his own and was not pressurised in any way from his employers.

Varun Singh said...

Yeah DQ, his employers did not force him to leave. However, threats were made by the institute - which happens to be the customer of the MNC - to the MNC. GS resigned to avoid any embarressment to his employer. The institute's role is condemnable in this fiasco.