Monday, October 24, 2005

Welcome to Bangalore!

The airport road flyover (under-construction!)

Google Earth, the latest toy of every netizen, has decent coverage of Bangalore - the silicon valley of India. God bless Bangalorian at BBS Keyhole forums who has made an extensive set of placemarks for Bangalore. It has almsot all the major landmarks covered, including important roads, junctions, railway stations, malls, hospitals, etc. You can get the placemark file from this location. If you still haven't installed Google Earth, take it from here.


Raj said...

And god bless me for marking many more important places.

Varun Singh said...

Surely some "important" places are missing from the list :). Could you mail me the kmz file? vasingh {at} gmail {dott} com

Anonymous said...

Hi Varun,
Thanks for the bangalore kmz file.
It is really helpful.