Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Busy Bee-See

Yes, friends, mates and fellow country men, I've been absolutely loaded with work. My heart yearns for those days when bugs were nothing more than tiny crawlers, easily stompable & always scurrying away for their lives. Alas! Those rosy days are over, just like all good things. Nowadays, bugs are perhaps the single most dreaded entity in entire software cosmos.

After a week full of crazy bug-hunting, it was expected from me to work on weekend also. My free will-minded heart revolted against the authoritarian mind & defying all logical arguments, I left for Shivasamudram with friends. Right, I could've gone to office on Saturday and worked, but I didn't. It was very tough only to keep awake during the day full of intermittent rains & heavy winds, I decided it'll be much better to stay home. Sunday was entirely dedicated for Shivasamudram.

Perhaps I would write a detailed account of the trip some other time, I had a great time & learnt a lot too. Right now, I just want you to visit my photoblog, I shall be updating it with the pictures from the trip.

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