Tuesday, August 09, 2005


While I was in Kolkata, I couldn't check out the authentic Bangla delicacies. I doubt if the Bangla cuisine, which I presume is rich in non-vegitarian dishes, has much to offer to a vegitarian like me. Anyway, I did try out Misti Doi, Sandesh & Kulfi at the Forum mall. Perhaps it wasn't the best place to grab a bite, I didn't like them much. I must say the Puchkas (also known as Golgappe & Panipuri) available with roadside vendors were the best I had in a very long time. I prefer them with potato masala but here in Bangalore and even in Mumbai, they prepare them with chana masala, but not in Calcutta, they use potatoes! Even the masala water they use was perfectly balanced between sweet & spicey taste. Just a note: it's better to give them a miss during rains, the unhygienic conditions can cause jaundice.

I wanted to visit Haldiram's to try authentic sweets there. So we went to Haldiram's and I asked for a pack of rasgullas. But, sadly, the rasgullas were over for the day. I bought a pack of motichur ke laddu & some namkeen from there. I also got some chocolates from Flury's back to Bangalore.

I wanted to buy some souvenirs; I had a list in my mind -- a Murshidabadi kurta (with side buttons), a mask of Durga's face (like this) & that cap that groom wears in Bengali marriages (just in case ;-) ). I couldn't get even one of them. I asked for the kurta at the mall, but the shops there had none of them. I've asked Pankaj Jain to courier me one :). Along with my Tibetan kurta, I bought from McLeodganj, this kurta will be the earliest entry in my Kurta Collection :). If anyone of you darlings can help me with rest of the list, go ahead and do it!

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Reshma Sanyal said...

You absolutely cannot leave without buying a thermocol/white cork replcia of the Howarah Bridge and/or the Victoria Memorial. It is perfectly tacky and kitsch and is one you will be ashamed of buying for a very long time.