Friday, March 18, 2005

Aman Verma: Bakra?

he picture above is taken from the dramatic press conference held by some famous faces in Bollywood to defend Aman Verma against charges put up by India TV. (The picture is there only because I love to put pics with blogs!) The stars present at the conference condemned the deeds of the channel and declared, in unison, it an act to get some TRPs. The channel and Rajat Kapoor and Suhaib Ilyasi in particular, were behind exposing Shakti Kapoor too, in similar cast couching racket.

In the case of Aman Verma, two different stories are making rounds in media. India TV claims that they caught Aman asking for sexual favors on their camera. While Aman maintains that the girl, by the name of Ruchi, was literally throwing herself at him but he asked her to leave and at the main gate of his house he found Ilyasi with a camera. Since then Ilyasi and India TV are blackmailing him. He recently lodged a report against the channel.

IMPO, casting couch does exist in Bollywood but it doesn't mean everyone is involved. If you can find a girl who will try to seduce any filmwallah for the sake of news story, I don't think many can resist the temptation! Its different situation altogether, asking newcomer for favours and giving in to temptations if some girl (upcoming models, mind you!) pulls you to bed. The channels today are quite capable of stooping as low as this to increase viewerships. I personally find Aman story more believable. Hell, if it was Cyrus instead of Ilyasi, it would've been great celeb bakra!

My Verdict: Not Guilty!

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Vivek Kumar said...

Totally agree with you on this one. Too cheap a trick to pull.

This Ilyasi fellow is not keen on making too many friends on either side of the fence, it seems.