Monday, March 14, 2005

New Rockers on the Block!

Listening to them nowadays and do they rock man! Their first album has already set dance floors on fire all over India. I'm particularly hooked upon Rock Da Party and Sexy Mama, others also have great beats.

The band consists of Navtej, who is of Indian origin but has spent most of his days in Denmark, and two Danish producers, Janus Bosen Barnewitz and Thomas Sardord. Their music is basically RnB with Bhangra beats. No wonder it has amazing dance quality attached with it (it sounds best in car or in bowling alley!). Starting with Apache Indian, Indian music scene was always rich with NRI musicians trying their luck in India. We have Stereo Nation, Jay Sean, Rishi Rich, Jazzy B, Raghav etc, selling their music nowadays. Most of them depend on Bhangra for their inspiration, but some are original and spanking! I recommend Jay Sean & Rishi Rich, Raghav and ofcourse, Bombay Rockers! Catch them on Raaga.

Rock on dudes!

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THE FSTARS are in the vein of original rock music. Please give us a listen.