Thursday, March 17, 2005

Film Review: Socha Na Tha

I never thought I'll like Socha Na Tha! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for romantic comedies, but still no one expect a Deol to make good romantic movie (Barsaat still haunts me; Betaab was good though). Now, if I had such "confidence" in the movie, why did I go for it at all? Because that's what I do (and make my roomies do. Sorry Jha!).

But, there's always a but, in the end as I came out of the theater, not only was I satisfied with the movie, I was very much impressed by the movie! The real super star of the movie is its script. The writers have done their reality checks regularly and hence the movie is very close to real day to day life (barring the castles of houses they live in the movie, but hey, its a bollywood movie!). The script is not fresh from the oven, but its not stale too. It certainly has its moments. The comic timing of Abhay Deol is good and screen play is quite crisp. Ayesha Takia looks charming and Junior Deol is not bad either. He'll have to work on his dialogue delivery though.

On a whole, it's a good paisa vasool movie and I recommend it highly for a fun-minded movie-goer.

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Satyajit said...

I thought I made you guys to go for that movie. You should thank me for that :D