Friday, March 11, 2005

Only The Good Die Young - Dhruv Pandov

Dhruv Pandov: Keen followers of cricket during early 90's will remember this name. All the cricket magazines/newspapers were full of praises for this Punjab player. Many articles & reports were loaded with superlatives for his stylish batting and many termed him as next big thing in Indian cricket. He was not destined to play international cricket, but if we see his domestic record, its good but not excellent (I've seen players with better domestic records go kaput at the international arena). Still, he was described as the hope for India and it only suggests his class. The respect he earned in such a small career is reflected in the fact that the Punjab Cricket Board named the Patiala cricket ground after him. A under-19 trophy is also named after him.

He died in a car crash('91) while travelling to play in a match and the star-studded sky of Indian cricket lost promising prospect. The fate would have him as only a flash on the horizon.

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