Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Grays of Greats

This discussion was originated in a particular intense review session of movie The Aviator, with Jha. I told Jha that I was particularly impressed by the fact that Hollywood doesn't hesitate to show the grey sides of their central characters. Lately a lot of biographic movies were produced in Hollywood and none portrayed the characters in pure white or total black colors. Talking of Aviator, Howard Hughes is presented as an daring adventurer with acute business sense and a great knack for innovation, but at the same time it doesn't shy away from presenting the tender spots of his personality. He is depicted as someone having commitment issues and a bit too perfectionalist (I would've said a womanizer too, but thats perhaps a quality in West :).

Coming closer to home, our own Bollywood doesn't believe in such daring truths at all. Can you imagine any movie on Gandhi showing the ego clash between Gandhi and Bose; the ego problems eventually lead to expulsion of Bose from Congress (so much for democracy in Congress!). Or perhaps showing the dirty tricks Shivaji played with Afzal Khan. No sir, we Indians can't take any thing against our heroes, be it lie or even truth. Remember Sachin's Ferrari, most of us will have it stored in our memory as perhaps a dirty trick played on Tendulkar! Try criticizing any of his innings here and I can bet you'll be rewarded with all sorts of abuses (I've immense repect for his capabilities, but not *all* of his innings are great!). Trying calling AB Vajpayee a meek PM, at a sizable gathering, and you'll be called names like politically blind, bewakoof, etc. We Indians are always ready to explain and make excuses, however lame, to cover the defects of our idols.

I somehow couldn't agree with Jha when he said that there are few great personalities who are perfect, in every sense. No one can be perfect and its high time to accept this trivial fact. Sadly, Indian public tries to find Maryadapurushottam Ram (even he forced Seeta for Agni-Pareeksha!) in their heroes leaving no space for Valmikis and Ashokas.

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