Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ek akela is shehar mein.....

It has been 10 months since I and RG (Rahul Gupta) set feet, along with all the luggage, in our present house. It was quite sufficient for two of us but the best thing about this house was its proximity to our office (it was hardly 10 mins by our bikes!). Located in a rather mum lane in Koramangla, 8th Block, it was kind of cosy and serene house. Then Jha came to Bangalore and joined us in the house. It wasn't exactly crowded but still lack of space was felt at times, especially with scattered footwears and clothes. It was still very comfortable for me and RG, with office closeby. Jha used to take auto for office, so it wasn't bad for him either.

But now since the agreement will mature after 11 months and we had options of either paying rent after 10% increment or move out, we decided to move to a bigger and nicer apartment, preferrably closer to Jha's office. The decision was followed by quite a few evenings spent in finding that perfect and yet cheap abode. Ultimately, after visiting as many as three different brokers, we've finalized an apartment in Indiranagar area. The apartment, sitting at the 3rd floor, is well ventilated, aesthetically decorated with furniture and located at quite walkable distance from Jha's office (its just behind Leela Palace). The rent has overshot our initial budget, but its not really staggering. The formalities of paying the initial advance, etc. are done and we're supposed to move at he end of March. The timing couldn't have been better, we'll finish our contract here and move in there at the start of month.

It will still be somewhat far from my office, located at Cunningham Road (Just behind the stadium; I plan to shoot some pics of players in nets! :), but it shouldn't be longer than 20 minutes ride, which is quite manageable. After all said and done, I'm very much pleased and quite excited to move into this one!

And yeah, I've joined the gym, with Nandu, from today. My muscles are paining as I'm writing this, but I will not let them stop me from going to the gym, not this time :)!


BD said...

So how much are you paying for your house?

Varun Singh said...

10K + maintenance.. quite steep when compared to other cities like Pune & Hyd..