Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Recordbreaking Feat!

Nothing personal Jha! Muhahahahaha :)

Update: This is the score in a bowling match between Vyas and me. In our group, Jha saab had the previous record with 167. My previous highest was 163.
Jha, I dare you to break this record! Pushtein nikal jayengi teri!


Satyajit said...

I was waiting for this for so long. I will be back to reclaim it soon. 200 is not too far now! :)

Jeet said...

kis cheez ka score hai yeh? woh camera Canon S1 hai vaise. :) theek karvata hoon, koi dhang ki jagah to mile..

Raj said...


Satyajit said...

never dare to challenge a former champ :D there is still lots left in me :)
ek unlimited bowling scheme ka pata chala hai. kal jaake jab tak record naa tod doon tab tak khelunga.

Pankaj Jain said...

Jha sahib gets an aim in life now :P