Thursday, April 14, 2005

Its bye-bye Ganguly.

Ganguly and another one of his atrocious shots!

Its high drama before the 5th ODI; is he in? is he out? is he captain?. ICC made is quite simple for Ganguly to gracefully take a break, but no sir! Our captain will go down fighting. I hope he is made to miss the next few matches, otherwise with current form he won't be able to come back to complete his 5000 test runs & 10000 ODI runs.

I just can't believe it when people argue that he should stay in the team because he has done so well in the past. They stretch it further to label everyone thankless who is in favor of Ganguly exclusion from the team. Sure he has done excellent for the team (in the past), but so have Kapil Dev, Gavaskar, Srikant. Going by the stupid logic all of them should be still playing for India! The bottomline is that with his current form he doesn't qualify to be in the team and ofcourse you have to be in the team to be the captain. As for the thankless tag, its a competitive sport and entire nation's pride and hopes are at stake. Its extremely important that we select the best team from whatever resources we have. Sadly, Ganguly doesn't make into the top 14, atleast in my opinion.

I do feel that Ganguly has some years' cricket left in him but to continue he must regain his form. Indian team cannot afford a free-rider, especially when there middle order is struggling to perform consistently. And what weight could his opinion carry with absolutely no performance to back it! In a time of such low confidence, his captaincy is surely to take a toll.

Best for Ganguly will be to not represent India for a while. He can try to get his form back in domestic cricket or English county cricket. When he comes back, he should be taken back as a top-order batsman and not as a captain. Let Dravid stay as captain for a while, make Ganguly his vice. It'll surely reduce the stress on Ganguly.

As of now, its bye-bye Ganguly. Get well soon!


Ritesh said...

Yay!! He is out of the 5th ODI!

Dinesh said...

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