Monday, April 04, 2005


We went for the movie on Saturday. It was that sort of movie which supports the time dilation funda; at the interval, it was barely a minute above an hour since the movie started, and we felt as if it has been aeons! Kabra was sleeping in the second half in his meditation pose; Jha was restless, tossing around in his seat; Sheikh and me had given up on commenting. Yes, it was that bad!

Lets leave the acting aside; the script, the dialogues were all very ludicrous! For better understanding, go through the following ones:
Bozo Hero: Kal raat humare beech mein jo bhi hua, theek nahi tha.
(Aaj raat theek se kar lena!)
Mrs.Bozo: Ab mujhe pata chala ki tumhe mujhse ek baccha nahi, ek chaukidaar chahiye.

Cop Shetty: Raj, case banao ki Anna aur uska husband apni maut ka natak karke kuch to fraud kar rahe the.
(April fool perhaps, too bad they were killed for that!)

Now about the acting, the hero, Mr.Bozo didn't get much chance to display his talents. He should be best suited for the roles like dressed as a tree in the background. Udita Goswami looked very uncomfortable in clothings and was ready to shed them at the slightest of hints. May be it had something to do with the shooting in Goa; all humid and hot, who wants to stay dressed! Shamita Shetty looked confused; she wasn't the one selected for the skin show, but she looked more than keen on it. The leading couple was supposed to be working for Goa Police, but they are never showed in their Khakis, Goa factor again perhaps.

If you're die hard fan of Udita (without clothes) don't miss the movie; the story et al are there to ruin the striptease, but thats all part of parcel in Bollywood!

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Shud have been there to hear ur review first wud have made great tea-time conversation ! :D