Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sania Mirza's doing it now.

Almost all the cricketers, including small wonder Parthiv Patel & Ajit Agarkar, have done it and now the latest face in the advertisement world is Sania Mirza. She is promoting Malabar Gold, which is fancying to go international now. I couldn't help noticing her huge hoardings placed all over the city; she looks atrocious in them!! First of all, they've put all sorts of make-up on her face, next they have covered her up in jewellery; she looks like one of those ladies from Chaach Bhi Kabhi Dahi Thi.

These marketing people definitely know how to get their work done! I still can't imagine how could Sehwag agree for Sehwag ki maa ad! Cola-wars are most enjoyable in the backbiting world of advertising. Over the years I've seen quite a few furious threads of spoofing others' ads. Latest is the Mountain Dew ad, where they've made absolute mockery of Akshay Kumar's Thums Up ad. Sprite people are quite sharp in this department. Their advertisements have a certain touch of zang to them.

Talking of interesting ads, one candy has extremely funny ad (I can't recall the name of the candy; may be the theme shouldn't be so funny :). It goes like this:

Gabbar: Arre O Sambha! Kitne ka inaam rakhi hai re sarkar humare upar?
Sambha: Sardaar, poore pachaas hajjar ... baar bata chuka hoon. Ek baar mein baat samajh mein nahi aati? Aur koi kaam-dhaam nahi hai mujhe?

I was literally rolling on the floor, laughing, when I first saw this one. Now I fancy to enter advertisement world sometime :). Funny thought and that'll be a funny day!

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Vivek Kumar said...

That's from the ad for Tetley Tea. Found it REALLY funny :) It's one hell of an effective ad.. total brand recall (not for you though) and the ad sticks to the mind.