Saturday, April 02, 2005

Whats on the TV?

For past three-four weeks our cable was out at the previous house, rendering my 20" Onida useless. It was frustrating in the start, more so because I missed the ongoing test series between India-Pakistan. But I didn't miss TV for long; started to read lot more books. I was quite pleased with my reading efforts; I was finishing books at never before pace (probably Harry Potter series was an exception but then I was in college and had all the time to read!). Today we shifted to our new residence and found the cable wire functioning, now TV has started to mesmerize us again.

Studies indicate people's minds are less active while watching the TV than while sleeping. I doubt how capable are minds of the people who are part of such studies, but still it could be the case. How much does one need to apply his mind to understand what Berri Ke Ber girl is venturing to convey? I spend most of my TV time surfing news channels, but even they are broadcasting crap like Aaj Ka Gunehgaar and Sansani. 24 hours new channels are the worst thing that could have happen to the news programs. Now they don't have enough material to show whole day, this is pulling their standards down to bull crap like Election Qwwali.

But, no matter how much we hate it, we all are enslaved by the idiot box. From my new room I can see the TV of my neighbours. That apartment is also leased by bachelors, probably software engineers too. For last half an hour they are surfing the entire frequency spectrum in hope of finding something watchable. The search ultimately ended at FTV. It started all over again after a while, this time its DD Sports. Imagine, watching volleyball matches between two countries, about whom you know absolutely zilch, at such late hours! What do I make out of it? There are so many better way to spend time or waste time, if you want to, still we find ourselves staring agape at the boob tube.

Its a strange world!

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