Sunday, April 17, 2005

New Dell Invention: Transparent Laptop Screen!

Recently Dell rolled out their latest Latitude D840 laptops with, believe it or not, transparent screen. This technological feat has been made possible with the help of latest nano-plasmatic technologies. Jha was given one from his office, we found it amusing and clicked one shot. It carries slight bluish tinge, but it amazingly transparent.

Lies apart, this cool trick was introduced to me by RG. More such photos here. The funda is quite simple, take a picture & put it as wallpaper on laptop. Next, set laptop accordingly to create the illusion of transparency. One personal observation, geometric figures (like lines in the picture above) & matching them works greatly on maintaining deception.

Shaikh & me took this one last night. We didn't have to try very hard, this trick isn't that tough! We're mighty proud of this though (while some people couldn't find anything better to say than ask why is the screen looking blue!). We were so excited after this that we googled for next half an hour or so, to find more photography tricks! Soon, I'll post more.