Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brand Baadshah

In today's TOI, Lalita Panicker writes for Brief Case (link):

..Amitabh has always been known for being credible and infinitely charming. Do we really want to see him prancing about peddling an unknown oil brand or do a cover-up job for chocolates which came under a cloud for possible contamination? Or a detergent a la Surf's famous Lalitaji? No, Amitabh is all about exclusivity, class and comportment. That is what he was best known for and admired all these years...
Exactly my point, expressed here. Amitabh is over-exposing himself majorly. While some of roles he played recently have been path-breaking, still most of them were cliche. He has the capability to carry on most of the difficult roles and I guess he should constrain himself to challenging roles only. Quality over quantity.

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Anurag said...

Bhaiya paise ke liye karna padta hai insaan ko. I guess there is a burden of some debt hanging on him for which he has been doing projects even if it is not "challenging".