Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Throwing weight around.

From CricInfo:
"Everybody says John Wright did a good job, but what exactly did he do? He could not rectify Sourav Ganguly's short-pitched delivery problem for five years."
Ashok Malhotra, the former Indian Test batsman, disappointed after not being considered for the coaching position.
My reaction -- muaahahahahahahahahahaha! Reminds me of one famous hindi proverb - खिसियानी बिल्ली खम्बा नोचे (An embarrassed pussy can only scrape a pillar). Now isn't this the same Ashok Malhotra who couldn't rectify his over-weight problem for his entire career? His, rather mediocre, statistics can be found here. Now seriously, it's very easy to point at someone's shortcomings and crib. Saurav Ganguly is playing for last 10 years now. He has carved a niche position for himself, despite his, rather overblown, shortcomings. He is not a youngster anymore, expecting batting lessons from coach. John Wright & Ganguly's combination took India to a position where they reached last some twenty years back -- World Cup finals. Moreover, if Malhotra was really so disgusted by the repeated failure of Ganguly with short pitched delivery, why didn't he just go to him and correct him (as if it was that easy!). You don't need to be a coach to put in your advices, especially if you're a former test player. In the end, even if Malhotra thinks he has enough credentials (He is one among only 4 other level 3 coaches in India & has many certificates from England; has coached Scotland; recently opened a coaching academy.), it doesn't give him any right to look down at Wright! Wright has proved his worth beyond any doubts.

From the same page of CricInfo:
"I've shifted to milkshakes, but I ensure that I get my daily quota."
Mahendra Dhoni makes sure that he drinks one litre of buffalo milk a day.
Some more muahahahahahaha. What is this freaky obsession with celebs lifestyle?! Why should I care if he has milk or Old Monk!