Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Uncle Brand White Hair Dye!

One fine afternoon, Nandu and me met on Brigade road to have our lunch at Pizza Hut. It was a scorcher of a day and we were only too happy to trot our way to PH. Just then, I heard a female, almost yelling, "Excuse me" behind me. I don't usually excuse people on road, pushing things in my face, but some thing in her shrill voice forced me to. What a preposterous mistake it proved out to be later! She handed me a pamphlet of some sort and literally bolted her way to cross the road as if she saw some ghost (I couldn't even have eyeful of her!). I was all enthu to try my slam jam skills while throwing the note in the dustbin but where are those things when you need them most?! Nandu snatched it from my hands and was laughing hysterically after reading it. Curiosity got the better of me and I set my eyes on that damned thing. It read:
Uncle Brand White Hair Dye
If you insist on dressing like an old man this will help complete the look.

If the girl who gave you this thinks you look like an old man, maybe you do. Which is strange because you're what?About 20 something?Right?
So why dress like guys twice your age?

ya-da-ya-da-ya-da (To find cloth stores, go to
www.notanuncle.com) ya-da-ya-da
Ha-ha-ha, very funny! Before diving into any laughing sessions read about what I was wearing, I was in my regular comfort fit blue jeans with a collared white shirt and brown suede shoes. What's wrong with that? What's so uncle-ish?!

Of course my bruised ego will tend to bias my views, but I'll try to stick to rationale. What kind of marketing is that?! It looked like some kind of prank to me (may be I'm on air on some kind of bakra show; smoke raising from my ears, eyes bulging out from sockets. Interesting thought!). Due to this prank-ish quality of this pamphlet, I never took it seriously. Nandu visited the site first and told me about it. It's pretty lame, some chillar flash-giri website. I can't see how can anyone get excited about buying clothes from them, after receiving this note?

May be she had some kind of quota to finish before lunch and was literally throwing the pamphlets away at people. Or may be it was meant for Nandu, my sharp reflexes while responding to female voices let me into this.


Bhumi said...

Oh cool site! I guess girls should give this link address to they guy with her phone number.. so u all know what to do .. hehe
haha :-D

Vivek Kumar said...

Thank God I never have to worry about all this! I have a natural streak of white hair so people either think that I am old (in which case I would not be eligible for the pamphlet) or that I am quite young and fashion-conscious (ineligible again!)


Jeet said...

:)) prank ke liye accha funda hai.. but serious marketing main MAJOR flop rahega.

Manish Bhatt said...

That's quite a cool idea for unconventional marketing. Try www.happilyunmarried.com . They are already making waves in the corporate circle regarding their unusual corporate souvenirs. They were even covered in the India Today. My personal favourite is Sandaas.