Friday, May 13, 2005

Latest things!

I've been absolutely loaded with work nowadays. For almost a month now my weekends are assumed to be spent at office; I'm expected to burn midnight oil in office (to work in sync with US junta); even my gymming hasn't been regular. But now, the worst seems to be over and I hope it won't take long to reach normal again.

As any regular visitor (I've atleast one -- himanshu. Please to post comments if you think you're left out) would've noticed, I haven't been posting regularly. Apart from ugly working hours, I also feel quite drained at times to pick up any subject & write about it. Anyway, hope I'll continue to write, I love it! And those JAM & Sulekha people, who turned down my articles - they can .. perhaps wait until I pen down (ugh.. key down) a masterpiece of my own!

Recently (today, to be precise) I came across a very very interesting website which can translate phonetic English into Hindi! It works amazingly (works for all the गालीs too!). Now without any further delay .. देवियों और सज्जनों, प्रस्तुत है -- Its still in beta testing state, but its one hell of a convertor!

आज मेरा मन असीम उल्लास से नृत्य कर रहा है मानस पटल पर असन्ख्य पुष्प पुलकित हो रहे हैं मन मन्दिर में मानो सुमधुर बान्सुरियां बज रही हैं ह्रिद्य में अनगिनत हन्स किल्लोलें कर रहे हैं -- आज मैं समय पर घर आया हूं (इस लिपि मैं चन्द्रबिन्दु कैसे बनाते हैं तथा Hridya कैसे लिखते हैं?)


Nikhilesh Ghushe said...

धन्य््वाद मित्र।

किन्तु लिनुक्ष मे इस औजार का प्रयोग अत्यन्त कठिन है।

Tarun said...

Great find... the hindi converter is a pretty useful thing to have...
Great blog, keep writing. Those JAM and Sulekha people are afraid to take risks and will probably want more 'established' writers. Its probably about the money (for Sulekha, anyway)

PS: Got here thru

himanshu agrawal said...

बहुत हि फुन्दू लिन्क दिया है ब्राह्ताश्री आप्ने

Anonymous said...

Wat a cheap way to demand comments,u comment-hungry despo!Cool link tho.Ur paid jobless surfing at office bears fruit once in a blue-moon :-p

-- U know who

Varun Singh said...

Nothing like comment hungry.. just plain roll-call ;-)

Anonymous said...

good that you can now on time from office .. and can now spend weekend hanging out with friends ...

subba said...

he he.......hey adroit man, here i cum to read ur blog, coz of someone's good marketing skills...

eSwami said...

तारीफ का शुक्रिया.

hriday = ह्रिदय
ki^ntu = किंतु

अगर आप shift+ , aur shift + . (blogger is not allowing html start and end tag in comments) के बीच लिखोगे तो वो अंग्रेजी मे ही रहेगा! this tool is transaliteration based.

मैं अपने मित्र रमण कौल के साथ मिल कर इसे बिना बटन दबाये सीधे लिखने वाला बना रहा हूं- वह कोड जवस्क्रिप्ट मे ही बन रहा है और कोई भी अपनी साईट पर डाल सकेगा.

देवनागरी मे लिखने के कई औजार उपलब्ध हैं -
मेरे मित्रों के अन्य हिंदी प्रयास भी देखिये -
how to..

online aggregators

chiTThaa vishvaa

शुभकामनायें !