Friday, May 20, 2005

My Baby.

This moment comes in the lives of most of us. Different people react to it differently. Some go head on into partying big time, some like to cherish the moment alone, some are just too dumbstruck by the realization. It's not easy to digest so much so easily afterall. Especially after such a long period of anticipation & uncertainty.

It starts abruptly. One day, just out of the blue, you are handed a date; a date which would be just another boring day for others but can turn your life around. Then comes the fear, gripping you all over. Fear of the uncertain, fear of the unexpected, fear of misfortune. A period of hopelessness comes, everything seems to be so unreal. You expect to wake out of a dream. The time given to you seems to be so little for all this. Confusion surrounds you and you feel entangled in a huge web, half expecting a big spider to gobble you up suddenly. Your moods swing between exhilarating excitment and deep depression. Anxiety often breaks the coolest of men.

As the date comes near, no one can be sure about what lies on the other side of it. Everyone knows that in the end it's always peaceful, but it's the journey that we all fear. Your expectations from yourself keep on increasing upto an inhumane level. Biological clocks get all screwed up, sleeping hours are messed, eating habits get ruined, temparament is lost, irritation becomes the way of life! Everything seems to be unfair, entire universe looks to be lined up against you and the pity is that you are now at a point of no return.

Then, it happens! You gwak at it, it's picking up slowly but surely. It could be the most beautiful thing only! Look, it's doing things! All the anxious days and all the sweaty nights get justified, only for this one moment of pure joy. You feel like on top of the world. You feel like singing & dancing; drinking all the night & sleeping till the evening; you feel alive! Carefully, you hand it over to others. They come back to you with a huge pile of ugliest possible bugs. Then it starts all over again.

This, my friends, is the story of software development. Presently I'm facing a stiff deadline and can't see how can anyone expect me to deliver my baby on that date! God help me.


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:) i guess me first to comment today on ur blog :D

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