Thursday, May 19, 2005

Business Plans!

No, I don't have any management degree.
No, I don't have any experience.
I do have some plans, some plans I think will work great!
No, I don't have the money to make them work :)

Plan 1: More flights to the North
Right now in all the North-India only Delhi is connect to Bangalore. Yes, Delhi is the capital, big center and yada-yada-yada, still the point remains that for all the junta from J&K to M.P. and working down here in Bangalore, Delhi is the only point to go to. That is ridiculous! Jet Airways has recently increase the number of flights to Delhi per week to some gazillions. It would've made more sense to keep one weekly flight (on weekends) to other small centers, stratigically chosen of course. Some names pop up immediately, centers like Jaipur, Lucknow, etc.

Plan 2: Company Parking Stickers
Finding a parking place in Bangalore is a serious pain in neck. But with various software firms located in almost every part of the city have ample parking space with them. All you need to have is a sticker of that company on your vehicle. Voila! I want to manufacture a simple mechanism which will change the sticker on your vehicle on your instructions. For example, if you are eying a parking spot in Wipro office, just tell my system so and lo! It will put that sticker on your vehicle!

Plan 3: Time/IMS material's library
Every year loads of young people from Bangalore appear for CAT. Naturally, they need reference material to prepare for the exam. Every year many students buy course material from various students or last year's material from others. There is definite scope for a centralized library with cheaply available photocopied material!

Plan 4: Mobile/Sunglasses/Bikes Rental
No one can deny, first impression lasts. In the materialistic environment of today's times, people are more impressed by gizmos and other stylish stuff. Youth of Bangalore is no different. So if you want to impress your next date, but don't have the shraddha to shell big bucks over it - come to us! I plan to provide latest stylish cell phones or sunglasses, even mobikes for all those wannabes. It could be extended to clothing also!

Plan 5: Get-your-stuff buddy
Every month infinite software junta visits HQ for various reasons & durations. As every fifth-grader knows, electronics and stuff can be found much cheaper in online store in US. Presently, they search hard for someone who is going to US in their immediate friend circle, or in their friends' friend circle, so on and so forth! Isn't it a pain? We've just the thing for you, buddy! I plan to develop a registration society, where every person going to US can register (they'll get their commission, of course) along with their contact details and duration of stay in US (or whereever). And all the buyers can come to me, with deals already selected via net. My system will find the most suitable and available courier and complete the transanction!

As mentioned before, I've the ideas not the moolah :-(.
Any takers?


Pankaj Jain said...

Best is the Plan 5.
Though, no moolah here too. RG will be the official trainer for these guys :)

chutki said...

Quick, quick start something in 2 years.I know where to go for a job when I get outa SP.I'll be one of these:

(1)A choti-moti airhostess on a Jaipur/Lucknow route.

(2)Coding some functionality into some crazy machine that spits out stickers.

(3)Cleaning my room n dumping all my useless old waste books into ur liby.

(4)Standing in the hot sun with a cheapo balloonman, modelling for his cheapo sunglasses n plastic toy mobiles.

(5)Doin a call-centre job, boot-licking ur US counter parts to buy some goodies.

Wow!I can't wait to complete the course at SP...awesome opportunities are knocking on my door already :)