Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Idea of pun

(Anurag, on his blog, has posted one interesting pun-ny joke. It only motivated me to post some of mine too :). My two punnies :-)

Q. How does a cockroach address his father's brother?
A. Kaka-roach!

Q. What's a school with only 8 students called?
A. Aath-shaala.

Q. Where does Lord Shiva live?
A. Himalaya.
Q. Where does Parvati live?
A. Her-alaya.


Anurag said...

I love aath-shaala. :))))))))

chutki said...

giggle giggle

GettingThere said...

Kaka-roach is good too. Llllllllllllove these jokes! Keep 'em coming.