Saturday, May 07, 2005

Passion, that's the word.

(This post is in reply to the thoughts expressed by Himanshu on his blog.)

Search then the ruling passion
there alone, The wild are constant, and the cunning known
The fool consistent, and the false sincere
Priests, princes, women, no dissemblers here.
- Alexander Pope

Passion is the word. I still remember distinctly, when I first met my B.Tech project guide, Dr. Sharat Chandran, he asked me,"What is your passion in life?". I was actually shocked on this question, caught totally off-guard. I mumbled few of my hobbies, but wasn't looking for them. From that moment, I've been searching for the passion of my life. Passion is the ultimate driving force. We all need some inspiration, some people call it fire in the belly. I feel it comes from passion only. One does his/her best when he is passionate about what s/he does. Most of us do things under various influences; fear of not producing results or eagerness for approval or incentives. Passion is what, I believe, brings out the best in one.

Its quite simple to confuse between passion and success. Quite often people achieve success following their passion. We've tons of examples here; geeks making gazillions in software firms, rags to riches stories of various film stars, writers, etc. These people are counted as successful in the eyes of society; the parameters are somewhat hazily defined -- make lots of money, win so-and-so prize, earn fame, etc. But a passion is still a passion if it doesn't get you the applauds. A passion can be as simple as running marathons! Yearning for fame is a double edged sword. It is ofcourse a huge motivator but at times it might lead one away from his/her passion. Especially in a country like India, where the career options available to 20 somethings are still very limited. To make a career, following one's passion, is a herculean task. More so for ever-so-insecure middle class. Even in sports, talents in other sports are encouraged to pick up cricket, because that's where the big bucks are. I read recently that Mahendra Singh Dhoni was keen on picking up football, but then his coach told him to try his hands on cricket. Quite often, various constraints put leash on to one's ambitions to pursue his/her passions. Reality is just too cruel.

On the other hand, passion or no passion, we all have some duties assigned. We all are working as small cog-wheels in the big machine. Even if it doesn't really gives you kicks, it can't be accepted as an excuse to underperform there. Lack of sincere efforts can never be justified. In recent times, the idea about IQ being over-rated has found increasing number of subscribers. The spotlight has shifted from IQ to EQ(emotional quotient). It doesn't matter how smart you're if you can't bear the odds to complete the task. EQ is defined on the basis of one's ability to contribute, even in adverse situations. It has to do with the stress-coping abilities & performing when pressed against the wall.

The most tricky thing about passion, is to identify one. Some say, if by 35 you know what you want from life, it'll be an early start. What do you really want to be doing? Reflect.

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